The first step in starting your new life is simple but oh-so-important: creating your Mii characters. Base them on family, friends, co-workers, famous actors, historical figures—you name it.

Get started...

There are several ways to add Miis to your island. You can quickly import existing Miis from your system’s Mii Maker.

Or, if you’d prefer to create a new Mii, choose whether you’d like to build it from scratch, or start from a photo.

Make ‘em look good...

Select the feature you'd like to customize. You can change hair and eye color, make features bigger or smaller, and add details like facial hair or glasses. With so many options, you can create a Mii character for just about anyone.

You can also snap a photo with your system’s camera and use that as a base for your Mii.

And don’t can always edit your Mii if it’s not just right.

Add some personality...

Not only do you set your Mii’s name, birthdate, and voice, but you also decide what personality type they have. Are they confident or easygoing? A leader or a free spirit? Set a level for each attribute, and see which personality type your Mii ends up with.

What Mii personality type would you be on Tomodachi Island?

And see what happens

Now that you’ve created some Miis, you can sit back and see what they do. Stop by their apartments to give them gifts, play games, or just say "hello."

Each Mii has a “Happiness” score, which you can boost by doing them favors or solving their problems. They might even reward you if they’re in a good mood!

But wait, there's more!

You can add to your island’s population (up to 100 total) at any time by visiting the Town Hall.

See a Mii that you like? You can import Miis by scanning QR Code® patterns created by other players — and share your own Miis with others.
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