Here are a few of our favorite spots on the island. There are more than 20 different locations for your Miis to discover in the game.

Mii Apartments

This stylish building is where your Mii™ characters will live. Stop by to help solve problems, play games, or just hang out…you never know what'll happen. Boost your islanders' "Happiness" score to get rewards.

Wanna come over?

Town Hall

This is where the magic happens. And by "magic," we mean creating the Mii characters who live on your private island.

Somebody's gotta run this place!

Concert Hall

Let your islanders sing and dance their hearts out on stage. You can even write your own lyrics. Now what rhymes with "Virtual Boy"?

I'm a big fan!

Amusement Park

Prepare to be amused. You'll find rides and magic shows here, plus Tomodachi Quest—an old-school videogame within your game. Whoah!

Bring on the adrenaline!


Ahh, the beach. It's also the home of Judgment Bay, where you can ask your islanders to vote on two options. A great way to settle arguments!

I'm here for the sand castles.