What kind of Mii are you? In Tomodachi Life, the game for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS, every Mii comes to life with a voice and personality. Your Mii can live on an island with other Mii characters of all your favorite people - and whether they get along or end up fighting most of the time, will have a great deal to do with each Mii's personality type.

So let's find out what kind of Mii you are. Simply select one answer to each of the questions and your personality in Tomodachi Life will be revealed to you at the end!

Let’s get some basics out of the way first...

Your age is...

You are...

Living in...

Great! Let's get started on the Mii Personality Test! First off, are you slow like a sloth or fast like a cheetah?

You move with the energy of a...


The way you talk says a lot about you! Do you speak with great care – or are you more the direct type?

Your friend has a piece of food stuck on their teeth. What do you say?


Are your facial expressions rather flat – or more varied?

How expressive are your selfies?


What’s your usual attitude to things? Do you take things very seriously or are you more the light-hearted type?

You've got a big test or a job interview coming up... How far in advance do you prepare for it? Are you more serious or relaxed?


Your dreams are a window into your innermost thoughts... Just how quirky are your dreams? And how weird does that make you?

Your best friend is peeking into your dreams. What do they see?

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